Course curriculum

  • Introduction

  • Semana 1

    • My first 20 nouns

    • My first 20 adjectives

    • Plurals in Spanish

    • Match nouns and adjectives (Assignment)

    • Possessive words in Spanish

    • Clase con Juany (11/17/2021)

  • Semana 2

    • My first dialogue

    • Negative sentences in Spanish

    • Flashcards - La Familia

    • EL or LA?

    • The Possessive Apostrophe

    • Online Class

  • Semana 3

    • My first 10 Spanish Verbs

    • More practice

    • Vocabulary Review

    • Online Class

  • Semana 4

    • The verb SER (part 1)

    • The verb SER (part 2)

    • The verb SER (part 3)

    • The verb SER (part 4)

    • Pronunciation Coaching (Numbers in Spanish)

  • Semana 5

    • El verbo "estar"

    • ¿Dónde está el gatito?

    • A quick tip for "ser" vs. "estar"

    • Online Class

  • Semana 6

    • Ongoing Actions 1

    • Flashcards - Muchos verbos!

    • Muchos verbos!

    • Online Class

  • Semana 7

    • ¿Qué, Dónde, Cuándo, Cómo?

    • More practice with questions

    • Online Class

  • Semana 8

    • A good review of everything

    • Pronunciation Coaching (Basic words)

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