Course curriculum

  • Welcome

    • Overview

  • Introduction to Past Tense

    • What is past tense?

    • Common phrases that trigger past tense

    • Flashcards: Common past tense phrases

  • Conjugating

    • Verbs ending in -ar

    • Verbs ending in -er and -ir

    • Activity: Conjugating regular verbs

  • Common irregular verbs

    • The Big 4: ser, ir, estar and tener

    • Irregulars + infinitives

    • Flashcards: the most common irregular verbs

  • Irregular verb patterns

    • Stem changes in 3rd person

    • Stem changes in 1st person

    • Flashcards: more irregular verbs!

    • Activity: irregular verbs, continued

  • In Conclusion...

    • The Multiplier Effect

    • A review + tips for moving forward


Giancarlo Manrique

Profesor de español

Giancarlo has been teaching Spanish for over 10 years to adult and teen learners around Minneapolis, MN. His online classes have reached students around the world, and now you can work with him and the team, too! Giancarlo started The Spanish Learning Club in 2016 and has taught hundreds of students since then. He personally trains all the instructors in the unique methodology designed for the club. His number one priority is to make learning Spanish as fun as possible. The Spanish Learning Club, after all, is a club and not an institute. This means that the methodology is designed to be social and interactive. The end goal is to teach real and practical Spanish to get students speaking with confidence, and with the backbone of grammar they need to truly master the language.

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